2017 Antrim County Real Estate Sales Down From 2016

While 2017 was a good year for residential real estate in Antrim County, statistics show that 2016 was slightly better across the county. However, communities such as Mancelona, Bellaire and Central Lake all showed improvement in certain areas. Antrim County Real Estate Statistics

Houses Listed Versus Houses Sold
While there were 165 more listings in Antrim County in 2017, only 48% of the houses listed were sold. This number is down from the 56% of Antrim County listings which sold in 2016. DEK Realty Sold

However, many of the smaller areas had more sales in 2017. For example, Central Lake and Mancelona boasted an impressive 65% and 62% of “homes listed versus homes sold” in 2017. However, only 48% and 42% of homes listed in Bellaire and Alden sold in 2017.

Listing Price Versus Sale Price
The average list price across Antrim County was $224,047, which is 1.6% more than 2016. The average Antrim County sale price of $209,054 was up just $519 from 2016. The average sale price across Antrim County was 93.3% of list price, down from 94.6% last year.

Mancelona ($82,129) and Alden ($199,83) both showed decreases in the average sales price, while Bellaire ($166,150) and Central Lake ($142,549) both showed increases in average sales price.

Average Days on the Market
The fact that no one is in a hurry to buy continues to challenge realtors and sellers in this area! The average days on the market increased across Antrim County from 200 days in 2016 to 239 days in 2017.

Averages days on the market in 2017 went down in Mancelona (203), Bellaire (210), and Alden (190), but went up significantly in Central Lake (241).

It is important to note that often these properties are listed for sale more than once. These numbers do not reflect the total number of days if a property was previously listed.

So far, 2018 seems to hold a lot of promise, and will definitely be a great time to buy or sell. Please contact DEKrealty@gmail.com if you would like information on buying or selling real estate in northern Michigan.

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