FootGolf comes to Michigan’s Shanty Creek Resort

foot golf

FootGolf League

Michigan’s Shanty Creek Resorts has installed 21-inch holes on its Summit Golf Course to accommodate FootGolf, a combination of golf and soccer that’s been sweeping the world of golf in recent years.

FootGolf, a recognized tournament sport in over 20 countries, was created by the Dutch in the 1980’s. It was introduced to North America in 2011 by the American FootGolf League. There are now 85 participating U.S. courses in 29 states.

FootGolf is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball, and follows many of the rules of golf. FootGolf fairways run parallel to existing golf courses, and 18 holes of FootGolf is played in about the same time as nine holes of traditional golf.

Shanty Creek Resort also has ski hills and several other golf courses. It is located in the heart of northern Michigan near beautiful lakes and rivers.

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