Retired Three Lakes Association exec reflects on life in Antrim County

Three Lakes Association has accomplished many goals over the years in the eyes of Tim Hannert, Executive Director of TLA from 2003-2007.

TLA certainly flourished under Tim’s leadership! For starters, Tim created the first TLA website with his son, Peter, and became the organization’s first “webmaster.” He also created the TLA logo which is currently in use.

In addition, Tim built the 3-D model of the plume, which has been used extensively in training the community about the issue.

Tim has the respect of many fellow TLA members.

“I attribute most of my interest in seeking solutions to this (plume) problem to Tim,” noted Dean Branson, one of the leaders of Antrim County United Through Ecology (ACUTE).

Dean also stated that Tim also had a remarkable strategy for engaging several townships in the initial grant application to the DEQ to build a predictive water quality model.

The predictive water quality model is a tool for townships to use to measure the effect of land use issues relating to development projects and landscaping.

Tim is especially known for his special skills relating to the microscope, which he used to help TLA research water quality issues such as cladophora.

In addition, Dean notes that “although we did not document the way we satisfied our initial curiosity about the golden-brown benthic algae on the rocks around Torch Lake, it was by viewing the stuff through Tim’s microscope about seven years ago.”

Tim’s love of his microscope has recently branched into a hobby he calls “microscopic photography.” He recently photographed a snow flake, and his son’s company bought the image, which became a best seller.

In his free time, Tim farms his 145 acres, growing veggies, apples, berries and sheep. He also builds and restores wooden boats for racing and pleasure.

Tim has also served as a County Commissioner, Chair for the Bellaire District Fire Authority and Chairman of the Board of Review for Kearney Township.

“We keep busy and love the community because everyone is honest, caring, and willing to help,” he said. He has been happy to find many mentors, especially for his farming.

Tim and his wife Sally moved to Kearney Township in 2001 after retiring from 31 years of teaching Biology at Macomb Community College.

“We were convinced this is the place,” he said, noting that they owned their property since 1967.

Tim started visiting Lake Bellaire Shanty Creek with his wife’s family in 1964, when he was in college. He worked at Shanty Creek Resort as a bellhop and lifeguard.

Tim, who was raised in Detroit, attended Redford High School, Michigan State University for Zoology, and Wayne State University.

He met his wife of 49 years at 8:00 a.m. on his first day of school at Michigan State University. “She was in my Freshman English class and luckily they seated us alphabetically,” he chuckled.

The Hannerts have two sons. Peter lives in Manhatten and Geoff lives in North Carolina. They have five grandkids, all under the age of 14.

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