Mancelona US-131 Sewer Expansion Would Help Housing and More

Senator Wayne Schmidt has submitted a request for $500,000 in state funding to defer the cost of expanding the main Mancelona sewer line, heading north on US-131 starting at Family Fare. Residents are asked to contact the Senator about the importance of this project. Call 517.373.2413 or email

Expanding the Mancelona sewer system would be extremely beneficial to the township, and to the entire region of northern Michigan. It would increase workforce and lower income housing; it would provide economic opportunities for businesses; and it would help protect our beautiful clean water.

Housing Possibilities and More in Mancelona
Increasing housing options is the biggest benefit to expanding the sewer system. There is currently a severe countywide shortage of affordable houses for people to buy and rent, especially for lower income and working-class citizens.

DEK Realty has had several investors inquire about establishing housing, apartments, and more on the vacant lands north of Mancelona. This is an ideal place to establish this housing. There is still space to grow in Mancelona, and the town is centrally located for an easy commute to several of the bigger towns.

There is also an investor who wants to invest in a new motel, restaurant, and more. He would do this just north of the BP gas station on US131.

Current Situation In Mancelona
Currently, several large businesses in Mancelona are still on septic systems including Family Fare, McDonald’s, BP gas station, and the former Mancelona Motel, which is now lower income housing for 26 families.

In addition, the houses in Mancelona Village are aging, and most have aging septic systems. Most of these houses do not have room to put in second septic fields.

Call and Write Our Senator!

If you agree that this project would be a wise use of Covid relief funds, please call or write Senator Schmidt’s office. Call 517.373.2413 or email

Simply tell them that you believe expanding the sewer project is very important to housing and other opportunities in Mancelona.

When I called and wrote, I received very positive responses.

Expanded Sewers Would Continue to Improve Our Town
DEK Realty has worked very hard with many others to improve the town. We have been involved in over 100 houses being rehabbed by the various investors in the town. Our good friend Jason Green has bought and rehabbed several downtown buildings and dozens of houses. Not only has he beautified the town, he has added many more rentals to this town.

The expansion of the sewer system would be a key factor in continuing the successes we have had improving Mancelona, and also expanding the housing and commercial opportunities in the town.

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